Parga, Greece

Parga, Greece

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The beautiful beaches surrounded by steep cliffs and the crystal clear waters are unique characteristics of the unspoilt nature.

In the north western coastline of Epirus with the view of the blue-green waters of the Ionian archipelago, captivating Parga and exotic Syvota do constitute an irresistible pair with an insular breeze and cosmopolitan aura, which will certainly steal your heart

Parga which had once been a colony of Venice lies in the west of Greece at the Ionian sea facing the islands of Paxoi and Antipaxoi.

The area’s lacy shores are excellent for your refreshing dives and sea water sports and the beaches offer various services and facilities to make your stay even more pleasant.

How to reach Parga

Parga is about 350 km away from the international airport of Thessaloniki "Macedonia", which operates throughout the year with flights from all over Europe. Also is located 100 km from the airport of Ioannina City, King Pyrros, and also about 60 km to the Airport of Preveza/Aktio and 35km to the Port of Igoumenitsa (Ferryboat to Corfu Airport Ioannis Kapodistrias) away.

The distance between Parga and Igoumenitsa or Aktion is about 60 km (with bus, taxi, car rental can you reach Parga).

Parga, Greece

Castle of Parga

The Castle is found on the top of a hill overlooking the town and sea and was used to protect the town from invasions from the mainland and the sea. It was initially built in the 11th century by the residents of Parga to protect their town from pirates and the Ottomans.

In the 13th century, as their control of the region increased, the Venetians rebuilt the castle to fortify the area. In 1452, Parga and the castle were occupied by the Ottomans for two years; part of the castle was demolished at that time. In 1537, Ottoman admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa burned and destroyed the fortress and the houses within.

Before the reconstruction of the castle in 1572 by the Venetians, the Turks demolished it once again. The Venetians rebuilt it for the third and last time creating a stronger fortress that stayed impregnable until 1819, despite attacks, especially by Ali Pasha of Ioannina.

Parga, Greece

Beaches of Parga

The area’s lacy shores are excellent for your refreshing dives and sea water sports, not to mention that beaches offer various services and facilities to make your stay even more pleasant

Kryoneri Beach (from where you can swim over to the small island of Panagia) and Piso-Kryoneri Beach located in the city , the cosmopolitan golden beach of Valtos, the wooded Lychnos Beach with the sea caves, the little small bay of Agios Giannakis.

Finally Sarakiniko Beach with its fine sand and an olive orchard in the background

More sightseeings of Parga

The main attractions are the Nekromantion (oracle of the dead) in the south, the ancient Kassiopi, the Nikopolis, the unique natural habitat at the Ambrakis Gulf in the city of Preveza, the city of Arta and finally to the north the Zagoria villages with the Vikos Gorge, the City of Ioannina and the ancient theater of Dodoni.

It is also worthwhile to hike through the southeastern part of the area along the Acheron River and its countless springs. A visit to the historic Souli villages, famous for the heroic fighting during the Ottoman period and Souli Castle Kiafa is a must. Impressive view of a pristine landscape.